Jesse and I 

Anyone who has ever known me recognizes me as the “Daddy” helping coach my son, Jesse’s, T-Ball and Kindergarten Basketball Team. We were County Champs again this year, even though we don’t start actually keeping score until 1st grade (shssh, don’t tell the kids).


 Many of the folks in Rabun County know me from Ken’s Computer Services, the business I launched to help our community with technical problems and solutions. A few remembers me from being one of the Top Salespeople for Johnson & Johnson for the past 20 years.


I love Rabun County so much, I moved up here to raise my family. I plan on my son growing up here, me growing old here, and my wife remaining 29 here. I researched this county for two years before I moved my family here. I’ve joined and supported the Rabun County community for 12 years now. I’ve been passionate and active in Real Estate for many years and am now launching my real estate career here in Rabun County. I am honored and delighted to be a part of Poss Realty, a first-class company that continues to help me with continuing education and knowledge about our county. I’m so blessed to have found a company that cherishes family and community the way I do.  If I can ever assist you in buying or selling a home or property, let me help you with your new adventure.